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X-Factor Soccer

X Factor - Elite Player Soccer Training 
for Academy, Select, ECNL and DA Players

The "X Factor" is that in-definable "something" that makes a player great. It's that "thing" that makes an individual stand out and capture your full attention.  

The X Factor player is dedicated, focused, and ferocious in the pursuit of excellence.  

The X Factor Elite Player Soccer Training System can take the ordinary soccer player and make them extraordinary.  Perfecting the fundamentals and expanding their arsenal of soccer skills to where they possess skills that are only available to the best of the best.

Key Aspects

Each training session is divided into two parts.  Technique & Scrimmage

The first part of each session is technique based.  We have a system divided into levels of performance.  Each level has 30 techniques.  A technique is a skill, move l or combination of moves and skills designed to focus the players attention on the training.  The techniques are further grouped into Skill Sets so the player will be working on multiple techniques during each session. 

Training would not be complete without finishing the session with a scrimmage.  Our scrimmage sessions are designed to provide the maximum number of opportunities for players to use their acquired skills.  
Players should have at least 2 years of competitive playing experience.  November training times are 6:00 & 7:00, all players will be evaluated at the first session at no charge.  All evaluations will be held at the 6:00pm class.

Beginning December 2nd

X Factor is held on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday Nights at:
5:30 pm for players born 2010-2011
6:30 pm for players born 2008 - 2009
7:30 for players born 2007 and before.

Training Costs

Drop in rate is $20 per session
1 x per week $60 per month
2-3 x per week $100 per month